Invention Convention Michigan

2021 Regional Hub | Wayne County: STEM Innovation Learning Center

Invention Convention Michigan provides students in grades 3-12 an interactive and interdisciplinary opportunity to use the invention process to create and pitch an original invention project, such as an improvement or a product. Through Invention Convention, students are introduced to a world in which they will solve their own problems and gain the confidence and 21st-century skills to invent their own future. The STEM + Invention + Entrepreneurship (STEMIE) experiential learning program offers hands-on, real-world, project-based learning activities.

The Wayne County regional hub team at WSU's STEM Innovation Learning Center will provide ongoing support throughout the 2021 competition series, including any materials needed to help students develop their inventions or technical support with their pitch videos.


Register for the regional hub competition:

Registration for the 2021 regional hub competition has closed.  We can't wait to see you again in 2022!

Invention Convention Michigan by The Henry Ford

Regional Hub Competition Registration - closed


Competition timeline: at-a-glance

  • Regional hub awards ceremony (March 2021): Wayne County Regional Hub
  • State competition (April 2021): Invention Convention Michigan
  • National competition (June 2021): Invention Convention U.S. Nationals


Student eligibilityworking independently, or is the whole classroom involved?

Under the guidance of an educator or legal guardian, students may work independently on an individual project, or they may work in groups of no more than 4 students on a team project. 

Qualifying inventions awarded as the top projects at our regional hub competition in March 2021 will advance to compete at the state competition in April 2021. The top projects from the state competition will advance to compete at U.S. Nationals in June 2021. 


How students compete: 

  • Students: 
    • work under the guidance of an educator or guardian through the invention process (up to 6-8 weeks).
    • develop an invention that solves a problem in their life, the life of a loved one or their world.
    • compete with an individual project, or may compete with a team project (up to 4 students).
    • develop, test and improve their projects from now through February.
    • submit the following 3 requirements to qualify for the competition:
      1. One logbook/journal per project, to document the invention process.  
      2. One prototype per project, to demonstrate how the invention will function (prototype does not need to "work", as long as students demonstrate its purpose during the pitch video).  
      3. One 4-6 minute pitch video per project (with help from educators), with the student(s) presenting their invention prototype for judging.  
  • Student invention projects: will compete at the local regional hub level, by registering and uploading files to fulfill the 3 above requirements. The file upload and student registration process will be conducted on ZFairs for all levels (regional hub, state, and national) in this competition.
  • Award categories: The top projects in the following grade ranges will be awarded, and will advance to the state level competition. 
    • Grades 3-5
    • Grades 6-8
    • Grades 9-12

Regional Hub Competition Registration - closed


For more information about our 2021 Wayne County regional hub competition at the STEM Innovation Learning Center, please contact Theresa Ramirez-Zipser at

If your school district is not within Wayne County, and you would like more information about Invention Convention Michigan, please contact