College of Education Upward Bound launches summer 2021 program

College of Education (COE) Upward Bound Program

Wayne State University College of Education Upward Bound is a Federal Trio program (Family, Culture, and Wisdom)
Wayne State University College of Education Upward Bound is a Federal Trio program

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¡Actualmente tenemos espacio en el programa para nuevos estudiantes!

Para calificar para el programa, los estudiantes deben ser ciudadanos de los EE. UU. o residentes legales de noveno grado (primer año) inscritos en Western International o Cesar Chavez Academy High School. También deben cumplir con los requisitos de ingresos y ninguno de los padres debe tener un título universitario de una institución de cuatro años. Los espacios son limitados y la inscripción está abierta hasta el martes 1 de junio. Para obtener más información, comuníquese con nosotros. El número de teléfono acepta llamadas/ mensajes de voz al (313) 577-0917, puede enviar un correo electrónico a o escanea el código QR abajo, para dar su información de contacto y les llamaremos lo más pronto posible.


COE Upward Bound Mission Statement

The COE Upward Bound program supports and serves students attending Western International and Cesar Chavez Academy High Schools who desire a college education by providing academic support, leadership development, cultural enrichment, mentoring, as well as career and college exploration to build a strong foundation for lifelong success and active community engagement.

Purpose of Upward Bound

COE TRIO UB program is a U.S. Department of Education grant funded program that serves 60 Eligible students at Cesar Chavez Academy High School and Western International High School. The purpose of the Upward Bound Program is to generate in program participants the skills and motivation necessary to complete a program of secondary education and to enter and succeed in a program of postsecondary education.


Virtual Tutoring: Tutoring is provided by Wayne State University college students, known as Peer Tutors. Due to COVID we have switched to an online platform using the learning management system “Canvas” and  “Zoom” for the tutoring sessions. Sessions are held Monday - Thursday for both schools but students are only required to attend twice a week. Students are assigned to a small group with a peer tutor and they are provided with homework help and PSAT/SAT prep.

Virtual Cultural Events: Even though we have switched to a virtual platform this year, we still provide fun, educational and interactive events for participants. This past october, our students had a fun night of mystery and critical thinking as they tried to solve who “killed” the program secretary in a virtual murder mystery! Other past virtual cultural events include trivia nights, and an art night where the students were provided with all the materials needed. Upcoming cultural events include a movie night, virtual college tours with swag provided by our participating universities and a wellness presentation along with a dance video!

2021 Summer Program: Every year we host a 6 week summer program. During the 6 weeks students are placed in English Language Arts, Math, and Science courses taught by certified teachers to better prepare them for the upcoming academic year. They also participate in college and career exploration, an exciting heritage language course, peer advisor tutoring hours, and PSAT/SAT test prep. We are also introducing a coding and robotics course where students will be able to code and keep their own robot! We provide all the materials needed for the summer, some materials are rented but most can be kept by the student. This year, due to a temporary increase of funding due to COVID-19, we plan to provide grocery gift cards weekly for actively participating students. We end with a wonderful banquet where students receive awards and certificates with the amount of community service hours they have earned.

Monthly Stipends: Stipends are provided to our actively participating students. Stipends start at $25 a month but can increase due to grade level and level of participation. The monthly requirements are provided via Canvas in order to qualify for the stipends. Requirements include attending tutoring regularly, checking in with their peer tutor, completing canvas check ins and/or submitting necessary documentation, such as their report cards, in a timely manner. Higher stipend amounts are also provided during our 6 week summer program.

Currently Recruiting: We still have spots open in the program for new students!! In order to qualify, students must be a 9th grade (freshman) U.S citizen or legal resident  enrolled in either Western International or Cesar Chavez Academy High School. They must also meet income eligibility and neither parent must have a college degree from a four year institution. Spots are limited, early registration closes on Monday, April 26th, however late registration is open until Tuesday, June 1st.

Sign Up: To enroll, or for more information, please contact us. Our office phone number is accepting calls and voicemails at (313) 577-0917. Interested families may complete our interest form here or by scanning the QR code below, to provide your contact information, and a staff member from COE Upward Bound will contact you as soon as we are able. Please email with any questions you may have.


To scan the QR code, open the camera application of a smart phone, aim it closely towards the QR code, then press on the message that appears saying open The form will collect contact information so that a staff member from COE Upward Bound can follow up.
To scan the QR code, open the camera application of a smart phone, aim closely at the image, then press the message "open form". The interest form will collect contact information so that a staff member from COE Upward Bound can follow up


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