STEM Innovation Learning Center

The STEM Innovation Learning Center (SILC) is a signature component of Wayne State University's vision for STEM education through multi-disciplinary learning and community engagement that will expand WSU's vision for inclusive innovation across campus. Built with emphasis on technology-rich, collaboration, and "science-on-display" spaces, SILC brings a centralized STEM-focused academic facility to the heart of WSU's campus within steps of chemistry, biology, engineering, and physics buildings, as well as the iconic learning spaces of Science Hall and Old Main. The building which includes almost 100,000 square feet of flexible classrooms, instructional labs, a maker space, and a 3D printing lab, as well as space that serves as a hub for K-12 outreach programming is helping to transform WSU's vision for STEM education and research for current and future Warriors.


The STEM Innovation Learning Center (SILC) is designed to be a hub for engaged, active multi-disciplinary teaching and learning across STEM disciplines, while also making space for deliberate interdisciplinary collisions and conversations that engage learning across all Wayne State University schools and colleges. Learn more about how the SILC is achieving the United States Green Building Council's LEED Gold certification here.


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Innovative learning spaces


  • Flexible classrooms

    Flexible and convertible classrooms conducive to hands-on, real life, team, and project-based learning.

  • Teaching labs

    Instructional wet and dry laboratories rich with modern equipment and furnishings to inspire the next generation of researchers, inventors, and critical thinkers.

  • Collaboration zones

    Places where students come together in small working groups. Collab Zones have built-in whiteboards, projection screens, and furniture that can be configured to support engaged, inclusive collaboration. 

  • Touchdown spaces

    SILC offers ‘privacy-on-demand’ with 14 mini-offices called Touchdown spaces located throughout the building to promote connections like discreet discussions, virtual classes, or small group projects. Visit:  to reserve a Touchdown space, or for new users contact Jessica Beesley at  to request an account.

  • WK-12 co-working lab

    Dedicated co-working space for WSU Warrior K-12 program creators and hosts, making room for transformational innovation in developing the next generation of Warriors for Wayne State University and beyond.

  • Maker space & hacker space

    Maker Space and Hacker Space innovation labs will give students interdisciplinary exposure to skill set development made especially possible in SILC high-tech, high-touch instructional settings. Spaces will include virtual and augmented reality development tools and 3D printing lab. 

  • STEM Commons

    STEM Commons – the open and welcoming learning, tutoring, and collaboration space specifically for STEM students that recognizes the unique, group working style that supports many STEM courses – will return to a new, invigorated space on the 1st floor of the SILC. Learn more about STEM Commons here

Virtual Tour

3D tour of the STEM Innovation Learning Center at Wayne State University: Take a sneak peak of the new hub for interdisciplinary teaching, learning and STEM innovation.

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