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Warrior K-12 FUTURES newsletter is a way of bringing together the dynamic world of WK-12 to our campus community. We give readers a front row seat with stories about program teams who bring K-12 programs to the university, and share in some of the triumphs experienced by our program participants.
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Warrior K-12 at WSU:

Wayne State University is home to a diverse network of Warrior K-12 program creators, directors and sponsors, serving an estimated 10,000 - 15,000 K-12 students annually.

The STEM Innovation Learning Center (SILC) at WSU is designed to be a hub for engaged, active multi-disciplinary teaching and learning across STEM disciplines, while also making space for deliberate interdisciplinary collisions and conversations that engage learning across all Wayne State University schools and colleges, as well as the greater community. 

  • The WK-12 co-working lab at SILC is dedicated space for Warrior K-12 programs, making room for transformational innovation in developing the next generation of Warriors for Wayne State University and beyond. 
  • The Maker Space and Hacker Space innovation labs at SILC will give students interdisciplinary exposure to skill-set development made especially possible in SILC high-tech, high-touch instructional settings. Spaces will include virtual and augmented reality development tools and 3D printing lab.
Warrior K-12 FUTURES archives:
Spring-Summer 2021