Full STEAM Ahead on Family Learning in Detroit

Wayne State Univeristy has partnered with the Institute for Learning Innovation, the Michigan Science Center, and the Detroit Zoo - to bring a virtual symposium to the heart of Detroit, geared to engage professionals across family-serving agencies related to STEAM. "Full STEAM Ahead on Family Learning in Detroit" was held on September 24th and was a success, with about 40 participants in attendance who represent agencies across southeastern Michigan.

The three breakout topics included:

  • How to get the best results out of your online STEAM program
  • Cultivating and nurturing family STEAM: Curiosity, Play and Wonder
  • Building capacity and empowering adults in STEAM exploration

Professionals across industries converged, engaging in conversations and sharing perspectives on the critical need to effectively engage children and ther families in STEAM learning. Some of the discussions focused on how to capture the attention of busy parents. Other conversations were centered around effective STEAM engagement in a time where families are experiencing growing gaps in dispairities such as access to technology, connectivity, bandwidth, or other basic needs. 

All participants departed the event with a set of tools designed to help meet some of the challenges in serving the whole family in STEAM learning. But it was a collective spirit of community that was shared by all who were present, that took center stage when nearing the end of the program as Dr. Tonya Matthews, associate provost for inclusive workforce development and director of STEM Learning Innovation, encouraged a perpetual network of supports to converge and share resources as a group of individuals and agencies who advocate for Family STEAM Learning.

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